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First Thing - Galleries

Check out our Galleries, to see if what we have, suits your wedding dreams.

Next - Wedding Options

Have a look through our Wedding Options to see if we fit within your budget, to see what costs, and what you get for free. This will also give you an idea of the normal times available for Wedding Ceremonies, Reception Dinners and Dances.



How to use this site:

This is a list of things to do here that may help you, particularly if you are planning to get married, ...and even more so if you haven't done this before. 



Then - Contact Liz

Email us or use our Contact page, or Ring Liz for free, to ask any questions or to arrange a viewing, or pencil in your special day with us, before anyone else does.

Here at Bramble Grove we are a family based team. The central figure in our wedding team is Liz, and her central focus is you.

Liz is the loveliest, friendliest, person. She can answer any wedding related questions, and knows all the right contacts and best tips, tricks and advice to ensure that your day runs smoothly, and remains totally stress free.


Then - Come visit Us

Our Map page will help you to find us. So will This page.

Come view the Bramble Grove gardens and the Pavilion, so that you can see how your wedding will fit here.


And - Book with us

Make your dream come true. Set the date. Lock it in, before someone else gets it. Book your wedding here with us. Also find other Useful Links for your wedding.


Penultimately - Wedding Rehearsal

Run through the wedding ceremony, so that everyone knows what happens when.

Finally - Get Married

Finally - It starts.

Now you get to Begin the Rest of your Life... Together.




Links to available pages on this site:

Welcome - Galleries - Pavillion Images - Wedding Images - Garden Images - Wedding Options - Contact Us - Map - Links - What's Going On? - How to use?



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