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1. What we are up to so far:

Now that we have moved in... we have plenty to do.

When we arrived, most of the property was under water.

It is still drying out.

The internet and phoneline is now, at long last, fully functional.

We have couples looking through Bramble Grove, and bookings are being made.

We are still learning where all the light-switches are, which way the doors open, and learning new things about our property, like secret gates and moving walls.

Gardening, weeding, tree pruning, cleaning, waterblasting, chainsawing, gumboots, and more weeding.

The property now has added, a new trailer, new water blaster, new garden tools, new lounge suite, new car.

Checked out paint swatches, moved the bar...

Tested out the pavilion without its parachute silk ceiling... looks good.

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