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Terms & Conditions


Weddings & Civil Unions

Booking Contract

2014 -2016


Terms & Conditions:

At Bramble Grove we aim to provide an oustanding venue for your wedding day and to create a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

We are honored to be able to assist you at such a special time and we are here to help.

To ensure your occasion runs as smoothly as possible the following Terms have been designed with this in mind.


Penciled Bookings:

A no-obligation hold can be placed on a date for 14 days. Please confirm your intentions within this period. If you wish to make a booking, an invoice for the deposit will be sent to you for payment.


Guest Numbers:

We can seat: 40 – 110 - formal sit down, platter style menu or buffet style menu. 40 – 120 in a cocktail menu style. If extra guests are invited for dancing after dinner, this number should not exceed 120 guests and Cossars should be informed at the time of booking. Final guest numbers must be confirmed 2 weeks before the wedding, along with a final seating plan. 



Your booking is confirmed by our receipt of the signed agreement and the deposit of 50% of the total venue hire fee. The 50% balance of the venue hire is payable 30 days before the wedding date. We, in good faith, turn away enquiries once a booking has been confirmed for a selected date. Please note the deposit is strictly non-refundable. If this is not acceptable to you, please do not proceed with your booking as we have no wish to disappoint in any way if your plans do not proceed as desired.



If a cancellation is received in writing: - 120 days or more before the confirmed date, no further monies are payable. - Within 120 days of the confirmed date, the final venue payment is due immediately. In the unlikely event that Cossars Wineshed is unable to undertake the hosting of your event due to unforeseen circumstances, such as fire, natural disaster, etc, you would be informed immediately. A 100% refund of all monies received is guaranteed within 14 days of this situation being communicated to you. 


Secure Exit of Guests at End of Event:

Please ensure that:

1. finish times and venue hire times are adhered to.

2. guests depart in an orderly manner.

3. guests have safe transport arrangements in place.

4. that no occasion arises during the event where we feel we need security backup.

We promote a safe and enjoyable environment for everybody. If any situation escalates beyond reasonable control, the removal of persons and/or the closing of the event may unfortunately occur. This is certainly something we would wish to avoid and we are therefore active in its prevention. Please be aware of getting your guests away safely and in a timely fashion at the end of the event.


Client and Host Responsibility

We request that you ensure your guests behave in a responsible manner during the reception. Please nominate a contact person with whom we may co- ordinate should any situation arise which needs assistance. Cossars Wineshed reserves the right to remove any person who behaves in a manner which causes disturbance or which is deemed unsafe. 


Responsible Alcohol service

No alcohol is to be brought onto the property during the event. Anyone found to be in this position will be requested to leave and transport arranged for them, if necessary, by your contact person. No minors will be served alcohol. No intoxicated persons are permitted to be on the premises.



All inside areas are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted outside in the courtyard at the tables where the ashtrays are located. Smokers must stand well clear of entrance doors and use the ashtrays provided.


Damages and Breakages

Any damages to the property will incur a repair charge. The venue hire includes a cleanup fee. In the unlikely case that unwarranted extra cleaning needs to be undertaken, a charge of $50.00 per hour would apply (minimum one hour charge). While staff at Cossars Wineshed take the utmost care in the handling of your gifts, cakes, decorations or other personal items brought onto the property, we are unable to take responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.


Venue Hours and Service Times

The hire of the venue is for any consecutive 8 hour period between the hours of 10.00am and 12.00am/ midnight. Eg. 4.00pm – midnight  3.30pm – 11.30pm 3.00pm – 11.00pm. 30 minutes of extra time will be extended if your ceremony is being held on the grounds. Please ensure your guests arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the ceremony. Eg. Hire from 3.30pm – midnight. Guests arrive 3.00pm on for a 3.30pm ceremony. Hire from 3.00pm – 11.30pm. Guests arrive 2.30pm on for a 3.00pm ceremony If your event begins later than 4.00pm the finish time remains at 12.00am/midnight. The Bar closes 30 minutes before the end of each event. All music must finish 5-10 minutes before the end of the event. All guests must be safely off the property by 12.15am.

Venue and Grounds Hire

The venue hire includes:

Supply of 1.5m round tables seating 6-10 people or oblong tables seating 10-12 people, chairs, white tablecloths and napkins, crockery, cutlery and glassware.

Head table dressed with white linen.

The use of outdoor games. Eg: Stacking blocks, pick up sticks, petanque and croquet.

Use of silver cake knife and stand, gift table and 3 x 5 candle wrought-iron candelabra with candles.

Bar staff and an Event Supervisor for your personal assistance over the duration of your event.

For outdoor ceremonies a Registry table and chair, and 48 black, padded foldout chairs are available.

Location maps to include in your wedding invitations (can be pdf form if desired).

All consultancy, venue setup and administration.

General cleaning of the venue.


Formulating your Event Plan

Please contact Bramble Grove to arrange a mutually suitable time for an event planning meeting to create your Event Plan. This is usually best arranged for six to eight weeks before the wedding date, or when the bulk of your wedding RSVPs have been received, or at any point which best suits you. The Event Plan provides a detailed framework for your events planned at Cossars and will ensure your peace of mind. This meeting usually takes about sixty to ninety minutes. Beverage choices, floor plans, table settings, venue decoration, band/dance floor placement, etc., will be discussed and an accurate Run Sheet of events decided upon. A copy of this Event Plan will be sent to you after the meeting and any changes will be worked through until you are completely satisfied. All enquiries and communications regarding your celebration are welcomed at any stage during your planning. Please do not hesitate to contact Cossars with any queries.



CEREMONY There is a quality portable speaker available for use for ceremony music if required. This can attach to an iPod or laptop. Your celebrant is responsible for providing their own PA system requirements as needed. Please consider the use of a microphone for weddings over 70 people, or in the case of windy conditions.


Cossars has background music which can be used during dining, or you can provide your own CDs or an iPod for this purpose.


You have two choices for your wedding dancing; the indoor dining hall, or the rustic barn which has a stage. Options for placement of a band and dancing are discussed at the Event Planning meeting.


Dining Hall for dancing

We strongly recommend you do not rely on an iPod or laptop for your dance music/dancing in the dining hall. Although the Cossars dining hall music system is of excellent quality for background mood music, and for the microphone used for speeches, it is not designed or suitable for the dancing section of your wedding. Your DJ or Band would need to set up in the conservatory before the wedding begins. In addition it may be necessary to pack down a number of tables (depending on your guest numbers) and this would be done while dessert, or tea and coffee is offered in the Barn. You would then be announced inside for the first dance, and music and dancing would continue.


Barn (9m x 6m) for dancing 

This is a good option for allowing guests to continue conversation in the Dining Hall, away from dance music if wished. The Barn is just 10 metres away from the Main entrance to the dining hall. Barn has a stage where Musicians or a DJ can set up during dining, or earlier in the day. The double barn doors are open and there is an easy flow between the barn, courtyard and dining hall. There is a separate dance quality music system in the barn which an iPod or laptop may be connected to for background music in the courtyard during the pre-dinner drinks time, or for dancing later in the evening (if you do not wish to hire any Musicians, a Band or DJ).


Venue Decoration

Table setups are undertaken by Cossars as decided upon in the Event Plan details. You are welcome to add your own decorations although no items are to be affixed to the property in any way. Any decorations or details such as a seating plan, Food or Beverage menus, guest book and pen, wedding favours, flowers, wedding cake, centrepieces, table runners and individual place names are organised and supplied by you.


Guest Card placement

You, or a nominated person, are responsible for placing any individual guest names and table numbers personally.


Removal of Decorations and Gifts

All items are to be removed at the end of the event. Staff will discreetly help gather these together towards the end of the evening and place them in boxes for removal. Please organise someone to take care of this for you. If there is a large installation difficult to remove at the end of the evening, a mutually suitable time would be arranged to attend to that. 


Confetti, Bubbles, Petals, Sparklers, Crystals

No confetti of any type is permitted. No small crystals, metal cutouts, or glitter is permitted to be placed on the tables or used at the venue. Dried flower petals, rice or bubbles are permitted outside only. If you wish to use sparklers as part of your occasion, please use these in the outside courtyard only and provide suitable containers for extinguishing these.


Venue Availability

Availability is known approximately two months beforehand.


Decoration and Ceremony Rehearsal

If there is no function on the day before your confirmed date, the venue is available to you from 1.00-3.00pm for deliveries and decorating. If a ceremony rehearsal is required please organise it to coincide with this time. The venue will be available from 9am before your ceremony on the day for cake or flower deliveries or band setup, etc. If there is a function on the day before your confirmed date, the venue is available to you from 10.00am on your wedding day, or earlier if it is an early daytime wedding. If a ceremony rehearsal is required this should be organised with Cossars for a time earlier in the week. 


Cossars oversees the Venue and the Beverages.

Your choice of caterers at Cossars is:

Kiwi Cuisine (03) 386 3082

Lizzie's Cuisine (03) 355 6468

Moveable Feasts & Stu's Smokin' BBQ (03) 389 8617

White Tie Catering & The Catering Department (03) 365 2837

Please note that these are the caterers used at Cossars. You need to contact them directly for all matters of catering and wait staffing. Please ensure that they are informed of any allergies or special food requirements you may have.



Cossars Wineshed is a licensed venue.

Strictly no beverages are to be brought onto the property during any Event.

Beverage prices and packages are fixed 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Cash bar facilities available for guests to purchase Spirits, or other beverages as necessary, if wished.



Wine + Beer and Non-alcoholic Bar Tab

A corkage fee of $12.00 per opened bottle applies to BYO wine and covers handling, storage and presentation. No bottles of wine are opened unnecessarily.


BYO wine must be delivered before the wedding day at a mutually agreeable time and placed in our chiller. At the end of the event all unopened and partial bottles of wine will be re-boxed ready for removal from the premises.


For BYO wine, a Bar Tab of Beer and Non-alcoholic drinks supplied by Cossars must be run. A Bar Tab will not be tracked to a dollar amount but to a timeframe, for example checked at 9.30pm or 11.30pm, or as you indicate such as after dessert, etc.


For the BYO option or for a full Bar Tab option (ie. A Bar Tab run for wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and spirits as applicable) a deposit of $1,000.00 is required. This is payable 7 days before the wedding and will be deducted from your Bar Tab and Corkage bill.


Beverage Packages (7.5 hr duration max)

Alcoholic Beverage Packages are available to those over 18 years old only.

Please note that any guest who will drink even a small quantity of alcohol is included under the Alcohol package pricing.

The Non-alcoholic Beverage Package is available strictly for guests aged 8-18 years old, any guests who are non-drinkers and for those nursing or pregnant.

Beverage packages must be paid for 7 days prior to the wedding date.


Ceremonies on the grounds

For ceremonies on the grounds the Beverage Package option pricing remains the same despite the number of hours which apply. There is no minimum, but a maximum of 7.5 hours applies. Alcohol is unavailable before a ceremony, unless by prior arrangement. On arrival there is always a glass urn of iced water available and if requested beforehand we are able to offer a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Beverage service commences directly after the ceremony at the Outside Bar.


Transport and Departure Arrangements

Please consider organising transport for your guests to and from the venue. All guests must have safely departed the property by 12.15am. We suggest the use of a Bus service or pre-ordered Shuttles to safely transport your guests. There are parking facilities at the rear of Cossars Wineshed, with room for buses on the road front. We recommend First Direct Shuttles: 03 377 5555. If guests are ordering taxis individually, the Bramble Grove's Event Co-ordinator can arrange this if needed. Allow sufficient time (45-60 minutes) for this, especially if there is a major event on in Christchurch. It is the guest's responsibility to co-ordinate with the taxi driver upon arrival. Guests may leave their cars in the carpark overnight at their own risk and these must be collected by 10.00am sharp the following day.


Schedule of Payments

On Booking

Deposit of 50% of the venue hire fee for your selected date.

30 days before your wedding

Remaining 50% of the venue hire fee.

7 days before your wedding

Payment of Beverage Packages

OR Payment of Bar Tab Deposit

In full $1,000.


It is a pleasure to provide Bramble Grove

as the chosen venue for your special celebration!

We sincerely look forward to working alongside you

with enthusiasm to assist in creating your vision.

Your reassurance and peace of mind is extremely important to us

and any questions or concerns you may have,

no matter how small or large, are welcomed.

We also invite you to revisit the venue at any time

to help you in your preparations.

With the Best of Wedding Wishes

Stephanie Guy and the Team at Bramble Grove



Wedding Date:

Ceremony Location and Time:

Contact Person - on the day:

Bride / Spouse:


Contact telephone / mobile:

Email address:

Street address:

Groom / Spouse:


Contact telephone / mobile:

Email address:

Street address:


Agreement to Terms & Conditions

If you agree to the Terms and Conditions in this document please print this Booking Contract page, sign and return to:

Chambers & Daughters Limited PO Box 290 Christchurch 8140 NEW ZEALAND or

Please retain a copy for your records

Cossars Wineshed undertakes to provide you with all goods and services as agreed upon in a professional and timely manner. In the case of unpaid accounts you acknowledge that the debt can be passed to an appointed agent for debt recovery action and you agree that all collection costs, enforcement fees and solicitor's costs incurred by Cossars Wineshed would be your responsibility.


Payment Details

Online payments to:

Chambers & Daughters Limited trading as Cossars Wineshed

BNZ Bank Account 02-0874-0285369-000

Reference: Use Invoice number and Bride's Surname

Credit card payments. Please add 2.5% charge fee. Bank or Personal Cheques and Cash accepted. Eftpos facilities available. International Money Transfer


This agreement is between Chambers & Daughters Limited trading as Cossars Wineshed of 29 Cossars Road, RD 2, Tai Tapu, Christchurch and the undersigned:

Signed by Bride and Groom: ........................................................................................

Dated: ..............................................


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